Media collection

Accessing Shelves

The open access holdings are systematically shelved. An overview can be found in the Online-Catalogue under Classification Search. All media, except for journals, are arranged in alphabetical order by subject groups and within these by serial number. Therefore, media on the same topic can be found on the same shelf.

Shelf mark


The following media are in the stacks and may be requested at the lending desk:

  • media which were published before 1992 ("Magazin" is part of the shelf mark)
  • journals which were published more than three years ago
  • final theses (shelf mark consists of "D" and the year of graduation)

These are available within minutes. The special location "Magazin" has no impact on existing lending periods and limitations.


Searching for articles in the Online-Catalogue will not help. To find articles start your research in e-media. Printed journals (latest volume and the previous two volumes) are displayed and alphabetically sorted on the first floor.  Older Journals are in the stacks. Current newspapers can be found in the foyer.

Aquisition Proposal

If a wanted medium cannot be found in our inventory, we would welcome an acquisition proposal. Please just contact us. You will appreciate that we can only fulfil your requests if our budget allows us to and if the title coincides with the acquisition profile of the University Library.

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