Open Access

The publication server of the Brandenburg University follows the principles of open access. 

Open Access Publications

  • are available on the internet open and free of charge
  • are being  reliably and permanently archived
  • are cited more often than any other form of publication due to international free access
  • are published faster, as the document is available all worldwide immediately after completion
  • have a wide readership as they are made public globally
  • have been released by authors and publishers for this kind of publication
  • may be downloaded and printed by users, regardless of their personal or financial situation

Open Access Strategies

  • The "Green Road" (Self-archiving of digital documents in an open, accessible institutional or subject-based server either in parallel with or after publication in a toll-access journal etc. or retrospectively.) The SHERPA/RoMEO listings provide information on publishers who permit self-archiving.
  • The "Golden Road" (Primary publication of scholarly and scientific articles in Open Access journals)

More information

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