Renewing and Reserving

Renewing the Lending Period

The lending period may be renewed up to three times under the following:

Folgende Möglichkeiten bestehen:

  • via your user account
  • at self-service terminal
  • personally at the lending desk
  • via telephone (+49 3381 355 - 167)

Renewals are not possible, if the

  • lending period has expired
  • lending period has already been renewed three times
  • media are reserved

If you miss renewing or returning the media on time a reminder fee will be charged.


Borrowed media may be reserved at the lending desk or via the Online-Catalogue. If all the copies visible in the Online-Catalogue are on loan you may order one. When the medium is available in the University Library you will receive a notification via post or e-mail. The costs for the written notice will be entered on your fee account.

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