Registration and fees


For a free registration in addition to your ID card or a passport in combination with an (official) proof of residence the following documents are required: 

  • students: Campuscard
  • university staff: company ID and employment contract
  • lecturers: employment contract
  • pupils between 16 and 18 years: consent of a parent or guardian on the "Verpflichtungserklärung für öffentliche Internetzugänge" (letter of agreement for public internet access)

The Benutzungsordnung contains the user regulations of the University Library. When signing the registration form you agree to these regulations.

 The electronically stored user data can be updated independently it the Online-Catalogue.

User Card

You receive your user card after registering at the lending desk. On the back of the library card you can find your user number which you need to log on to Online-Catalogue and EZProxy. For each loan the user card must be presented. If you lose your library card immediately have your account blocked to avoid misuse.  The University Library is not liable in this case. A replacement card costs 5.00 euros.


After registering you automatically receive your password which consists of the six digits of your date of birth (TTMMJJ).
Example: birthday: 04.11.1992  -  password: 041192
It is recommended to change the password in the Online-Catalogue.


Using the University Library is basically free of charge. However, charges may arise for special services. For further details please read the Gebührenordnung.



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