Lending and Returning


To borrow media you need a machine-readable user card. Together with the borrowed media you will receive a receipt stating the return date. The lending period has to be strictly observed as otherwise a reminder fee according to the Gebührenordnung will be made. 

Lending Periods

medialending period

textbooks (with a colour strip, shelf mark starting with 0)


first copy (shelf mark starting with 1)

2 weeks

reference holdings (shelf mark starting with 2)

no lending!

bound journals

4 weeks

unbound journals

no lending!

final theses

no lending!


Members of Brandenburg University will receive a warning 3 opening days before the lending period expires.

This service is provided without warranty, it does not remove the obligation to observe or renew the lending periods. Please regularly check the registered e-mail-address in your user account!


As a general rule media have to be returned to the lending desk or self-service terminal during opening hours. Out of opening hours you may put the media into the installed book box situated in the courtyard (for which the University Library is not liable). We recommend checking your user account that the return is properly booked. At 9 am, when the University Library opens, the book box is closed. It is also possible to return borrowed media by mail.

Lost Media

For lost or heavily damaged media the user is liable for compensation. For details please read the Anlage 1 zur Gebührenordnung.

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