Printing, Scanning, Copying


You can print from all the preinstalled programms on the PC-work areas on both floors. The prints can be picked up at the copier on the ground floor.
The fees follow the Gebührenordnung:

  • A4, S/W: 0,07 €
  • A3, S/W: 0,14 €

For printing lenthly publications we recommend using the technical equipment of the University Printing Office. There scripts and theses may be bound at low costs as well.


On the first floor a flatbed scanner is available for all registered users. At the copier on the ground floor scanning to a USB stick is possible. Scanning is free of charge.

Please observe the regulations of the German Copyright Act carefully!


Using the copier on the ground floor you can copy, scan or print documents.
Copying machines are services installed by external companies. The University Library is not responsible for operating, fees and the observation of the copyright restriction. 

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